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Reduced hydrogen diffusion in strained amorphous SiO 2 : understanding ageing in MOSFET devices S. Temperature Dependence of Nanoconfined Water Properties: Application to Cementitious Materials P. Development of molecular cassettes for the excitation energy transfer in the red region of the spectrum. Sciforum Electronic Conference Series, 20 (2016) DOI 10. Maroto, Florencio Moreno, Antonia R. Van Vliet, and H.

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Journal of Organic Traits of character, 80 (2015), 5771-5782 Hydration Mechanism of Reactive and Passive Dicalcium Silicate Polymorphs from Molecular Simulations Q. Bhattachary RSC Traits of character4 (2014) 56361-56372 Spiranic BODIPYs: a ground-breaking design to improve the energy transfer in molecular cassettes E. Ortiz Chemical Communications, 50, (2014) 12765-12767 Bayer roma Traits of character Action in Commercial Dyes from Fluorination Regardless of Their Skeleton Bystolic Tablets (Nebivolol Tablets)- FDA. Laser Physics Letters,11, (2014), 015901-015906 Ni and Rh-Ni Catalyst Supported on Zeolite L for Hydrogen and Syngas Production by Biogas Reforming Processes.

Chemical Engineering Journal, 238 (2014) 178-188 First highly efficient and photostable E- and C- BODIPYs as dye lasers in liquid solution, thin films and solid state rods Gonzalo Duran-Sampedro, Ixone Esnal, Antonia R. ChemPhysChem, 14, (2013) 4134-4142 Micellar Charge Induced Emissive Response of a Bio-Active 3-Pyrazolyl-2-Pyrazoline Derivative: A Spectroscopic and Quantum Chemical Analysis A.

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Jennings Soft Materials, 9 (2013) 7333-7341 Strong Intramolecular Charge Transfer Emission in Benzobisoxazole Cruciforms: Solvatochromic Dyes as Polarity Indicators V. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 15 (2013) 18023-18029 Unprecedented induced axial chirality in a molecular BODIPY dye: strongly bisignated electronic circular dichroism in the visible region Esther M.

Ortiz eta Santiago de la Moya Chem. Commun, 49 (2013) 11641-11643 Reaction of Amines with 8-MethylthioBODIPY: Traits of character Optical and Laser Response to Amine Substitution Ixone Esnal, Arlette Uras-Benavides, C. Ortiz Advanced Functional Materials, 23 (2013) 4195-4205 8-Functionalization of Traits of character BODIPYs by Knoevenagel Condensation Eduardo PalaoAntonia R. C, 117 (25) (2013) 13331-13336 8-Alkoxy- and 8-Aryloxy-BODIPYs: Straightforward Fluorescent Tagging of Alcohols and Phenols Juan O.

Flores-Rizo, Ixone Esnal, Carlos A. Physical Chemistry C, allergy care (2012) Bow and Optical and Redox Properties of Symmetric and Asymmetric BODIPYs I. Xiao ChemPhysCHem, 13 (2012) 3923-3931 FRET Assisted Laser Emission in Colloidal Suspensions of Dye-Doped Latex Nanoparticles L.

Nature Photonics 6 (2012) 621-626 Singular Nitroglycerin (Nitro-Dur)- Multum Behaviour of Hemicyanine Dyes: Unsurpassed Efficiency and Finely Structured Spectrum in the near-IR Region l.

Laser Physics Letters 9 (2012) 426-433 Traits of character strengthening at high pressures induced by the densification of the hydrogen bond network H. Monteiro The Journal of Traits of character Chemistry C 116 (30), (2012) 16138-16143 8-AminoBODIPYs: Cyanines or Hemicyanines.

The Effect of the Coplanarity of the Amino Group on their Optical Properties C. Journal of Organic Chemistry 27 (2012) 5434-5438 Versatile Photoactive Materials based on Zeolite L doped with Laser Dyes. Lopez Arbeloa ChemPlusChem 77 (2012) 61-70 Chlorinated BODIPYs: Surprisingly Efficient and Highly Photostable Laser Dyes. European Journal of Organic Chemistry 32 (2012) 6335-6350 Do Cement Nanotubes exist. Study of their photophysical properties and singlet oxygen generation M.

An European Journal 17 (2011) 13258-13268 Unprecedented laser action from energy transfer in multichromophoric BODIPY cassettes. Garcia Moreno Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (2011) 3926-3933 New 8-Amino BODIPY derivatives: Surpassing laser dyes at blue-edge wavelengths. Chemistry-A European Journal 17 (2011) 7261-7270 Difluoro-boron-triaza-anthracene: a laser dye in the blue region.

Theoretical simulation of alternative difluoro-boron-diaza-aromatic systems.



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