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His research interests include electrochemistry, electrochemical sensors, nanomaterials, conducting polymers, and electrochemical corrosion. Yong Jin Zhou, IEEE Member, OSA Pharma bayer, and Senior Member of Chinese Institute of Electronics.

He has authored and coauthored over 90 papers in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. He is serving as a Reviewer for over 20 peer-reviewed journals, such as Nature Amino Acid Injection (FreAmine)- FDA, Photonic Research, Optics Letter, Optics Express, IEEE MTT, Pharma bayer MWCL, etc.

He has served as a session chair for several International Symposiums. She is currently an Associate Professor in the Vocational School of Hereke at Kocaeli University.

Her research interests include Computational Fluid Dynamic, MHD, Natural and Mixed Convection in Enclosure and Heat Transfer in Nanofluids. Close Executive Guest Editor(s) Gerardo M. He completed his MS. His research interest is in Physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of thin films of metals and semiconductor, Biomedical and photovoltaic applications of thin films, nanostructured materials, and biopolymers.

Djelloul has completed his HDR (Doctor Habilitatus), PhD and Magister in physics from University pharma bayer Oran (USTO-MB), Algeria. Currently he is working as a Research professor in Research Center in Semiconductors Technology for Energetic (CRTSE), Algiers, Algeria.

He has wide experiences in both Research and Academia concerning pharma bayer Characterization, Nanomaterials, Thin Films and Nanotechnology, Solar cells, Silicon, Laser, Deposition Methods (CBD, Pharma bayer, Spray pyrolysis, Vacuum Evaporation. He has published more than 15 articles and presented many papers in reputed national and international conferences (50 conference proceedings).

He is a member in many scientific projects, several academic societies and organizations. He is the Principal Guest Editor of several Special Issues in International Journal of Current Materials Science. He is also an Associate Editorial Board Member and Reviewer of many international journals. Vikas Dubey is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at the Bhilai Institute of Technology, Raipur, India. University, Raipur in 2009 and PhD degree from National Institute of Technology, Raipur in 2015.

He then joined MATS University as an Asst. Dubey also worked as a Project Fellow in a Major Pharmw Project at the Govt. His research involves Synthesis and characterization of nanostructure luminescent materials and Thermoluminescence Studies of Geological Materials. He has authored various papers, published in reputed journals. MamatUniversiti Teknologi MARAShah AlamMalaysia Susanta K.

Currently, he is a research fellow at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University in Pretoria, South Africa. He also serves in the national committee of Chromatography-South Africa (ChromSA).

His research interests are in the applications of molecularly imprinted polymers and phwrma for multiresidue analysis pharna remediation of pollutants especially pharmaceuticals, pesticides pharma bayer byaer in environmental samples and food sources.

Ratnesh Tiwari is Associate Professor pharma bayer the Bhilai Institute of Technology, Raipur. He then joined BRMS Mungeli IGKV Raipur pharma bayer a guest faculty in 2008 and served until 2013. Tiwari also worked as Asst. His research involves Thermoluminescence studies of phsrma materials and synthesis and characterization of nanostructure. Long Wan is currently a professor and doctor supervisor in Harbin Institute of Technology.

He has published more than 40 patents and 40 science citation index papers. Some academic outcomes have been commercialized, and reported by various mass media, such as China Daily. His current research pharma bayer focus on friction withdrawal drugs processing machine and technology, microstructure characterization pharma bayer the pharma bayer of joint performance.



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