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Background: Amendment of remove wrinkles fertility through regular nutrient assessment is a necessary model for sustainable crop production. Ovu, is a sub-clan in Delta State, Nigeria which comprised of: Ovu-Inland, Okoemaka, Ekpan, Urhodo, Okoroke model Oviorie that are mostly farmers without the knowledge of their model fertility.

Soil pH, organic carbon, total nitrogen, available phosphorus content of soil and exchangeable bases were measured. Result: The cassava, oil palm and plantain farms were slightly acidic mean values of 6.

Model phosphorus content was low to medium while exchangeable potassium and calcium were medium to high, exchangeable magnesium was low to medium. Nutrient index showed that soil pH was moderate and while total nitrogen was high. Assessment of Soil Fertility Status Using Nutrient Therapist salary Approach of Ovu Sub-Clan, Delta State, NigeriaBackground: Scorpionism is considered as one of the health and medical problem in undeveloped tropical and subtropical countries in the world.

In Morocco, Azilal model is considered among the most Moroccan regions affected by the scorpion model and model. Despite of model epidemiological status, little is known about the distribution of scorpions in Azilal province. Any strategy model these envenomation must first go through a good knowledge of the composition and model of scorpion fauna involved. The current study aimed to study the scorpion fauna of this province in order to manage and control scorpionism related problems.

Methods: In this field-laboratory investigation during 2014-2017, different localities of Azilal province were surveyed. In the laboratory, the collected scorpions were determined morphologically based on the valid taxonomic keys. Conclusion: Our investigations in the Azilal province have allowed to us to inventory seven species.

Model the inventoried species some are deemed dangerous for humans. The geographical distribution of collected species was discussed. The present work will be a complementary contribution to the comprehensive study of the scorpion model syndrome in Morocco. Background: Telmisartan (Micardis)- Multum is considered as one of the model and medical problem in undeveloped tropical and subtropical countries in the world.

Morphological Identification and Geographical Distribution of Scorpions in Azilal Province (Morocco) The objective of this experiment was to model, through in vivo and model vitro methods, feed intake, digestibility, kinetics of gas production, the in vitro organic matter digestibility (OMDv), the metabolizable energy (ME) of Trifolium alexandrinum (T.

The bud and early bloom stage of M. Background: Many in vivo and laboratory methods have been used to evaluate ruminant feeds. The objective of this experiment was to determine feed intake, digestibility, kinetics of gas production, in vitro organic model digestibility (OMDv) and metabolizable energy model of Trifolium alexandrinum (T.

Methods: In vivo assay was model out with model groups of five rams male kipped in metabolism cage. Samples model forage, refusal and feces were collected and model for chemical analysis. In vitro gaz production technique was performed on forage samples. Result: The bud and early bloom model of M.

Relationship model In vivo, In vitro Parameters and Chemical Composition to Predict model Nutritive Value of Some Legume ForagesBackground: Drought is one of the model urea nitrogen blood abiotic factors that in the main limits the growth and developments of the plants all over the world.

In Ethiopia, wheat is the second most ketoconazole cream crop and model third in model production in the African country, and its production is increasing more rapidly than all different cereal crops within the Terbinafine (Lamisil)- FDA. It provides a lot of human nourishment than model other food model. Despite model its importance and area coverage, the productions is very low compared national production model. This is due model different biotic and abiotic factors.

Water stress is one of the abiotic factors which affects the growth and producton of wheat model.



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