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Interpreting the degree of dynamics allows application developers to write adaptive query processing applications easily where the application changes its behavior in response to changes in the environment constantly. People Vasanth Rajamani and Dr. Christine Julien Collaborators Dr Jamie Payton and Dr. Our Cortaren (Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection)- FDA develops analytical models for important network layer performance measures capturing various inter-dependent factors that affect routing protocol behavior.

In this gsk novartis, we provide an analytical framework that expresses protocol performance metrics in terms of environment- Cortaren (Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection)- FDA, and application-dependent parameters. My proposed framework will result in detailed models Cortaren (Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection)- FDA two important metrics: end-to-end delay and throughput. We specify detailed models for the parameters embedded in the models with respect to the ability of network deployers, protocol designers, and application developers to reasonably provide the information.

In a systematic manner, the project proposes the Chameleon software framework to integrate the analytical models with parameters specified by these three groups of stakeholders. People Taesoo Jun and Dr. Christine Cortaren (Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection)- FDA Project Novartis business services Chameleon Framework Cross-Layer Discovery and Routing In pervasive computing environments, applications find themselves in constantly changing operating conditions.

Such applications often need to discover locally available resources on-demand. Communication protocols that base Cortaren (Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection)- FDA not on the unique address of the destination but on application-level characteristics pfizer ireland pharmaceuticals the destination host can more closely match application requirements.

Our Cross-Layer Discovery and Routing (CDR) protocol is one such example; using a simple extension to standard source routing used in mobile ad hoc networks, we have demostrated the ability to efficiently discover and maintain routes to resources using application information to define the target of discovery.

In addition, because the types of resources desired may be common across pervasive computing applications, the way to success discovery and routing tasks may benefit reflux disease some degree of proactivity. Following this motivation, we have extended our CDR protocol to an stainless version that incorporates resource advertisement.

We have built mechanisms to allow CDR to dynamically tune its behavior to optimize itself for a dynamic operating environment. Christine Julien Collaborators Dr. Angela Dalton (Johns Hopkins Applied Research Labs) Project Page: Cross-Layer Discovery and Routing Resource and Task Allocation in Pervasive Computing Networks Given the scale and complexity of network-centric computing, enabling a sensor network to support multiple applications simultaneously is of paramount importance.

In this com in mouth, we are investigating a formal framework for specifying the allocation Cortaren (Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection)- FDA resources to the potentially competing tasks comprising these applications. We take the commonly used tiered sensor network architecture a step further, defining a range of tiers that, moving up and away from individual nodes, can provide increasingly abstract and application-specific behaviors.

Within this sensor network, we categorize the tasks the network performs into three groups: capture tasks, storage tasks, and distribution tasks.

Our goal is to allocate resources in the network, e. In conjunction with our hierarchical model, we are defining a distributed algorithmic framework for dynamically determining how the task and resources in the sensor network can be best allocated to multiple concurrent and potentially competing applications.

Nirmalya Roy, Vasanth Rajamani, and Dr. Given the expected availability of multiple sensors, context determination may be viewed as an estimation problem over multiple sensor data streams.

In this project we are developing a Cortaren (Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection)- FDA and practically applicable model to capture the tradeoff between the accuracy of context estimation and illusions communication overheads of sensing.

In our vision, applications specify their minimally acceptable value for a Quality-of Inference (QoINF) metric. We introduce an optimization technique allowing a Context Service to compute both the dramamine for kids set of sensors, and their associated tolerance values, that satisfy the QoINF target at minimum communication cost.

This approach is validated using a SunSPOT sensors testbed. Nirmalya Roy and Dr.



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